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PowerPoint add-in 2.3

The new version 2.3 - provides a choice of 3 or 5 colour formats to upload. New ways to catagorise and arrange the presentations for both Teachers and Students. Presentation listings now show a thumbnail of the first slide for easier identification of the presentation and there are more parameters to customise your personal use of Notes Sui.

  • Global Notes Sui version 2.3 - download click here Pre-Windows 10
  • Global Notes Sui version 2.3.6 - download click here
    New Icons .
  • Windows 10 version. Enhances folder name from GUID text to be replaced with file name for easier identification on the C drive.
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  • Demo Notes Sui version 2.3.6 - download click here
How to download and install the PowerPoint Add-in Video

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PowerPoint add-in